Greece is full of flavors.

Your box is full of Greece.

Our story.

“Growing up, I spent every summer on a farm in Greece. From picking fresh eggs, to harvesting grapes to make wine, to milking sheep to make feta cheese, these are the memories that make up my childhood. Learning about the importance of freshness, appreciating homegrown produce, respecting nature are the values I grew up with. I then moved to NYC where I thought I had access to anything I wanted. And yet, I desperately missed authentic pureness. My passion for non-processed food and my nostalgia of the Mediterranean Diet is what motivated me to embark on this journey.”

“I feel it is my duty to share and make accessible to the world Greece’s unique products. My goal is to bring real flavors to peoples tables again and share a lifestyle based on pureness and health.” – Katia Stefanatou, Founder

Our mission.

Our goal is to enrich your meals with simple authentic ingredients. Authentic sourcing, supporting traditional farming practices, food freshness, seasonality, and small-farm economics are at the heart of our work.
Our mission embodies and reflects the direct delivery of handpicked and curated food products straight from small Greek farms and producers while supporting the local economy, and sustaining traditional farming practices.

While the Mediterranean cuisine is globally renowned for its health properties and distinct flavors – the way locals eat and appreciate food, which makes all the difference, is not as widespread. Eating healthy can be simple, delicious and affordable.

“Our vision is to offer you unique goods of limited production and excellent quality, at a reasonable price. So welcome on our journey to explore the best products our country produces.”

– Katia Stefanatou

Our people.

“We are a self-driven team with a passion. A passion to share our love and appreciation for authenticity. We believe that wellness should not come at a price and that proper nutrition and natural ingredients should be easily accessible.

Greece in the Box is not only a package sent to your home every month, it is a company built out of love and respect for nature and tradition. It is about bringing back the ”milk man” to your door. We source and curate the best products Greece has to offer. Customer satisfaction combined with top quality is at the core of our existence.

Our values.

1. Quality: Our number one priority is to always provide the best products Greece has to offer.

2. Transparency: Openly share production, purchasing and distribution processes, as well as our struggles.

3. Partnership: Our partners are part of our team. We aim to empower hard working and small family-run business.

4. Change: We want to change the industry and allow for pure and natural products to become more easily accessible.

5. Advocacy: Become leading global advocates of the Mediterranean Diet and it’s health properties.